China 24V-48LEDs-18W-M-LDM2010A-TPU-flexible-wall-washing-light manufacturers and 24V-48LEDs-18W-M-LDM2010A-TPU-flexible-wall-washing-light suppliers - Gaoxianse. You can wholesale and buy high quality 24V-48LEDs-18W-M-LDM2010A-TPU-flexible-wall-washing-light from our factory , we will provide you with price list and best service, we also accept customized products. Looking forward to becoming your reliable long-term partner.
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24V 48LEDs flexible TPU wall washer

24V 48LEDs flexible TPU wall washer

We will recommend the 24V 48LEDs flexible TPU wall washer for you. 24V 48LEDs flexible TPU wall washing light has many advantages. Its single-end power supply length can reach 5 meters, making outdoor construction more convenient. Compared with traditional silica gel, which is prone to yellowing, abrasion and low temperature resistance outdoors, TPU material with excellent weather resistance is used as the outer surface material of molded products, which provides excellent resolution and brightness, and has great visual impact. At the same time, we provide users with different lighting angles to choose products and support customization. Feel free to consult us.24V 48LEDs flexible TPU wall washer

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