How to install LED strip?


The installation method is as follows:

1.Cut it before installation, and choose the appropriate length. 
When cutting, pay attention to finding the "scissors" mark per meter, and you can only cut it when it is marked. Wrong or partial cutting will cause one meter to be unlit! Some of them miss the mark. It's best to look at the mark carefully before cutting, and cut it according to the unconnected place in the middle.
2.Each light strip must be equipped with a special plug (plug with transformer); When connecting, be sure to remove the transparent plastic cover plate, and then cover it after connecting the test lamp. Do not directly connect with the cover, as it is easy to short-circuit!
3.When installing, it is usually placed in the lamp slot, and it can be straightened. It can also be fixed with string or thin wire. If you need to install it externally or vertically, you need to buy the card and tail plug separately.

4.The original clip is completely transparent, and it is best to put waterproof glass glue on the tail plug and plug after installation, so that the waterproof performance is better.

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