The reason why led strip is not bright


The three main reasons why led strip is not bright:
First : 
The solder quality is unqualified.
Before leaving the factory, some manufacturers' led strip was unqualified. The amount of solder in the lamp belt is small, and the solder joints are easy to fall off. If the quality of lamp solder is not good, the solder joints of led strip are prone to brittle cracking and falling off during bending.

Second :
Transportation damage
Led strip's packaging protection is not enough, and the lamp beads may be damaged by impact during transportation. The welding point of the lamp belt has the phenomenon of virtual welding, and the vibration during transportation causes the welding point to fall off and the lamp belt is not bright.

Damaged installation
1. When the lamp strip is installed, the bending angle is too large, resulting in the separation of led strip solder joint and copper foil, which leads to the unlit. 

2. Over-extrusion of the product during the installation of the lamp strip leads to the damage of the led strip chip or the deformation and shedding of the solder joints.

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