Silicone neon lamp belt


Silicone neon lamp belt, as an innovative and upgraded product of lamp belt, has unique functionality, which can be used to the maximum in daily life, such as outdoor engineering lighting, urban cultural and creative construction, beautifying the environment, and even entering home lighting, indoor decorative lighting and so on.
Silicone tape can give full play to its charm and advantages.
At present, silicone neon belt is mainly used in two fields:
First, it is indoor decorative lighting, which is mainly used for ceiling recess, TV background wall, wine cabinet, living room lighting, etc.
Second, outdoor decorative lighting, which can be used in building outline lighting, hotel decoration, bridges, urban parks and other scenes.
Silicone tape has outstanding advantages:
1. Choose to use environmentally-friendly silica gel material, which has high-grade waterproof, salt resistance, acid and alkali resistance, gas corrosion resistance, fire resistance and UV lamp resistance.
2. And it has extremely high flexibility, which can bend, twist and pull out the lamp to meet richer installation scenarios.
3. In addition, the light effect is soft, the product color consistency is high, and the RGB colorful series is rich in color.
4. Low light attenuation, low heat dissipation and long service life.
5. Low-voltage safety. Low-voltage lamp belts are generally used in places with high requirements for fire protection, such as hotels and clubs. High-voltage lamp belts are mainly used in the civil market, and are also the first choice for projects. Low-voltage lamp belts are stable and safe, and the warranty period is 3 to 5 years.
Combining all the advantages, the silicone neon belt has become a rising star in the light belt industry, which is unstoppable.
As a big country of energy consumption, China's rapid economic development, various environmental problems, lack of resources and other realities have gradually become prominent, which have affected people's daily life.
Therefore, improving the utilization rate of resources and saving energy have become the focus of social attention, and people's awareness of environmental protection has gradually increased. Energy saving and environmental protection have become the key factors in China's development process. The excellent characteristics of LED lighting products, such as low energy consumption, little pollution and long life, have become the main reasons why the state strongly supports the development.
Silicone neon tape can not only meet people's daily use, but also meet the requirements of environmental protection and pollution reduction.

The flexibility and other characteristics of the silicone tape are more conducive to the product design. In addition, it can be LED strip's flexible cutting size and connection characteristics, which is more popular in the market.

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