What is a COB light belt?


COB stands for Chips on Board, which means that chips are directly packaged on PCB. COB lamp strip is a lamp strip that encapsulates the chip on a flexible board. Most chips are flip-chips, which are linearly fixed on PCB, and then a layer of packaging glue mixed with fluorescent powder is directly dripped on the surface of the chips. The light emitted by the chip is refracted, reflected and interacted with the fluorescent powder in the encapsulation colloid, and the colloid uniformly emits light with different colors and color temperatures.
The difference between COB lamp band and lamp bead lamp band:
1. Due to the structural characteristics of COB lamp band, the luminous surface is a linear colloid; However, the common lamp bead type lamp belt has the structure of luminous lamp beads, which are attached to the PCB board. Therefore, the light emitted by the COB lamp belt is much more uniform, linear and without facula;
2.Because the COB chip is directly fixed on the PCB, the heat of the chip can be quickly transferred to the PCB. Therefore, the chip heat dissipation speed of the COB lamp strip is faster than that brought by the lamp bead type lamp, and then the light attenuation of the COB lamp strip is smaller and the service life is longer;
3.The luminous angle of the luminous surface of ③COB light bar can reach 180.
Precautions for installation
(1)COB packaging colloid is directly exposed to the outside, which is made of silica gel, and its hardness is soft. Avoid contact with sharp objects during installation, so as not to scratch the luminous surface and affect the luminous effect;
(2) Colloidal materials are easily contaminated with dust and difficult to handle, so pay attention to keep the lamp strip clean during installation. If there is dust, stick some alcohol with cotton swab and wipe it gently.

 (3)During the installation process, COB lamp strip should be installed in place at one time as far as possible, without too many repeated tearing and pasting operations. Because the COB LED chip is directly packaged on the PCB board, the chip size is extremely small, and excessive tearing will cause the COB LED chip to die.

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