The advantages of LED strips


The reason why LED strips are widely used in homes, architectural lighting, gardens, roads, bridges, festival decorations and more is because they have a lot of advantages
1. Easy to install. LED strips are short, thin and flat, so they can be easily hidden in small spaces, creating a visible light but not a visible effect. There is 3M adhesive on the back of the strip, so you don't need a professional to install it yourself.
2. Flexible. LED strips can be curled like wires and can be bent into the different linear lighting shapes desired. You can make shapes such as graphics and text shapes.
3. Able to be cut and extended. They can be cut to the desired length or linked together by soldering or using LED strip connectors without solder joints
4. Not easy to break, long life, weather resistant, waterproof with IP20  IP33  IP65  IP67  IP68(indoor and outdoor waterproof strips), insulated, low voltage(5V  12V  24V ), safe to use.
5. Low energy consumption, low heat generation. Low power consumption of LED strips, at the same time can produce an excessive amount of light, energy saving and environmental protection.
6. Variable luminous colors, support dimming. You can control the color change, there are many different color temperatures and colors to choose from, you can choose from monochrome (warm white, neutral white, cold white, adjustable white, red, green, blue) and RGB effect, bringing a colorful visual effect to the environment.

7. Versatile. LED lights can be used for residential, commercial and industrial lighting.

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