Competitive Advantages of Flexible LED Strip


1. Adaptability 
LED light strips can be adapted for almost any task, big or small. 

2. Easy installation
Installing individual lights one by one can be a difficult task, especially when a vast number of lights are required. Installing
strip lights is extremely easy and requires very little expertise.

3. Long Lasting
LED lights last longer than most other bulbs. If a fluorescent light lasts for 10,000 hours, and an incandescent for 1500, LED light strips dwarf this number by lasting for a potentially staggering 60,000 hours.

4. Hard to Damage
The LEDs are mounted to a flexible "ribbon" of circuit board, which is durable enough to be bent around 90 corners and attach to gradient surfaces.

5. Color Options
LEDs provide a wide range of different colors from cold white to warm yellow, orange, and red.

6. Cutting
LED Strip Lights are one of the few types of lighting in existence that can be cut.

7. Low Voltage
LED Strips is a type of low voltage LED product, making them safer to use and less of a risk.

8. Mobility
LED light strips can be powered by a small battery, allowing them to be placed almost anywhere.

9. No Glass
Many LEDs are covered in a plastic shell. This is much safer than other bulbs, as there is no glass to smash.

10. Savings

Due to the low amount of energy they consume, and their longevity, LEDs tend to reduce overall lighting, costs substantially.

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