The difference between Wall washing light and LED hard light strip


LED wall washing light and LED hard light strips are called strip light. However, LED wall washing light is generally used for outdoor landscape lighting, and LED hard light strip is generally used indoors. Both of them have their own strengths, but their differences are significant.
For example, it includes differences in use and performance, materials, and appearance and structure
LED wall washing light spotlights have higher light than hard light strips, and have a wider area. LED hard light strips are more suitable for jewelry counter lights, but not for exterior walls. If they are to be used for exterior walls, they should be used for those whose irradiation height is less than one meter. If you want a high range, it's better to use a wall lamp.
Second: Appearance
LED wall washing light is made of high-power LED, and it is best to require that the waterproof level should be above IP65.
LED hard light strip is made of low-power light source, mainly made of SMD 5050 lamp beads, etc. Waterproof rating is even worse than wall washing lamp. Mainly used in dark grooves. It can have many colors.
Third: Application
LED wall washing light is mainly used for greening landscape lighting, advertising license and other special facilities lighting, bar and ballroom lighting, entertainment atmosphere lighting, etc.

Hard LED light bars are generally used for contour or dark decoration, decorative lights around the ceiling, and jewelry counter lights. If these places are used for external walls, they can be used, but the irradiation height is within one meter.

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