Voltage drop of light strip


The 12v light strip is generally 5m, and the 24v light strip is generally 10m. If the length of 12v and 24v lamp bands exceeds this range, the farther away from the power supply position, the lower the voltage and the lower the natural brightness, which is called voltage drop.
Led strip voltage drop generally refers to low-voltage light strip. Generally, there is a voltage drop problem when the 12v light strip is more than 5m, and there is a voltage drop problem when the 24v light strip is more than 10m. The lower the voltage, the higher the current. The pcb board of the light strip is strip-shaped, and the voltage and current will gradually decrease when the power is turned on. This is the resistance of pcb current when the current is too large.

There is no voltage drop problem for high voltage lamps with 220v, because the higher the voltage, the lower the current and the smaller the voltage drop.

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