How to distinguish good quality high voltage light strips


1. High-quality lamp beads, resistors, and flexible boards with thick copper skin are used in the light strips.

2. Pure copper wire is used, and the wire cross-section is large. Try not to choose copper-clad aluminum, or even aluminum or iron wire. How to tell if it is copper wire? Also refer to another article.

3. When viewing the potting glue, it requires high transparency, good softness, uniform potting and no peculiar smell.

4. Using a power head with a large chip bridge stack can make it easier to burn out the lamp beads. Because the bridge stacks have current limits, for example, 4A, 6A. If a small chip bridge stack is used, it is easy to overcurrent and burn out the charging head.

5. When using, try not to fold the light strip repeatedly. Folding the light strip not only prevents the heat of the light strip from dissipating, but also easily leads to the deformation of the high-voltage line or the falling off of the lamp bead pads on the flex plate, which causes the light strip to not light up or burn out.

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