Advantages of Low Voltage Led strip


The main advantages of low-voltage led light strip are safety, convenient splicing, wide application range and many realizable effects. Because the lamp belt is powered by low voltage, it is safer, and it will not do harm to human body if touched by hand. Low voltage LED strip, which works under DC voltage, belongs to safe voltage, and its contact with human body is harmless, so it can be applied to rich occasions.
Such as home decoration, lighting of outdoor buildings, lighting design of shopping malls, landscape lighting design, lighting design of parks, roads, bridges, etc., can all choose low-voltage LED strip.
Low-voltage LED strip uses DC power supply, and the length of lamp strip is generally 5m and 10m, beyond which there will be a certain voltage drop. At present, ic constant-current design is used, and the longest connection length of low-voltage LED strip can reach 15-30m.
Low-voltage LED strip has a long service life of 30,000-50,000 hours because of its good heat dissipation performance and low light attenuation.

High-voltage LED strip and low-voltage LED strip have their own advantages and disadvantages. In practical application, you can choose the lamp strip according to the actual use situation.

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