Features of neon lights


1. High flexibility
It can bend the shape, and choose different neon strips to meet various modeling requirements.
2. Low temperature
Because of its cold cathode characteristics, neon lamp tube temperature is below 60℃ when working, so it is suitable for working in the open air in the sun and rain or in water. Moreover, the neon light spectrum also has penetrating power, which can keep a good visual effect in rainy or foggy days.
3. Long service life
Under the condition of continuous working and uninterrupted power supply, the service life of neon lamp can reach more than 10,000 hours, which is an advantage that other electric light sources can't achieve.
4. Good effect
The picture of neon lamp is made up of always-on lamp tube and dynamic lighting scanning tube group, which can be set into seven kinds of color scanning: jumping scanning, gradual scanning, color mixing and color changing. The scanning tube is controlled by a scanner equipped with microcomputer chip programming, and the scanning tube turns on or off according to the programmed program, forming a pair of flowing pictures. Therefore, neon lamp is an advertising form with low investment, good effect, economy and practicality.
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