The difference between RGBW and RGB


1. RGB is the color representing the three channels of red, green and blue. This standard includes almost all colors that human vision can perceive, and it is one of the most widely used color systems at present. An RGB color value specifies the relative brightness of the three primary colors of red, green and blue to generate a specific color for display.
2.On the basis of the original RGB pixels, RGBW adds a white sub-pixel to form RGBW four-color pixels.
3.In common, they are all rgb light strips, all of which need dimmer control. They both can achieve transformation and flicker effects by color combination.
4. The difference between RGBW and RGB is that RGBW is a four-color pixel design by adding white sub-pixels on the basis of RGB. Generally, w is white light or warm white 3000K. Simply understand, RBGW is more transparent and brighter than RGB. Not only the lamp band, but other products are the same. Magic Bead rgb5050 is our most commonly used product, which is colorful and can be displayed in various colors to meet a large number of market demands with excellent effect.

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