How is ws2812b strip connected?


What is ws2812b?

Ws2812b is a full-color LED control IC with single bus control. But what is bus? My understanding is that the control mode of data line transmission on one line is single bus. In fact, to light the lamp, only one wire is not enough. It also needs power cord and ground wire to supply power.

How is ws2812b strip connected?

In fact, one lamp bead is connected in series with another lamp bead, and the signal is connected through a data line to control the on and off of the light is to send data on this signal line.

What is the data of ws2812b strip?

Before talking about the data format, let's add some knowledge about color, that is, the three primary colors, red, green and blue, that is RGB, R is red, G is green, and B is blue. A color can be mixed with the proportion of these three colors.

Why red, green and blue?

Why red, green and blue

The principle of three primary colors is not for physical reasons, but for physiological reasons. In human eyes, there are several cone-shaped photoreceptor cells that can distinguish color. The stimulation is slightly larger than that of green cells, and people feel yellow; If the cells that distinguish between yellow and green are stimulated much higher than those that distinguish between green, people feel red. Although the three kinds of cells are not the most sensitive to red, green and blue respectively, these three kinds of light can stimulate the three kinds of conical cells respectively.

Since "the principle of three primary colors is not caused by physical reasons, but by physiological reasons", it is obviously inappropriate to "add the light of three primary colors together in different proportions to form light of various colors" mentioned in the previous paragraph. The use of three primary colors is not enough to reproduce all colors. To be precise, it should be "after compounding the three primary colors in different proportions, a color vision equivalent to visible light of various frequencies can be formed for human eyes." Only those colors in the color triangle defined by the chromaticity of the three primary colors can be obtained by adding and mixing the light of the three primary colors in non negative quantities.

For example, when red light and green light are combined in a certain proportion, the color vision generated by stimulating three kinds of cone cells can be equivalent to the color vision of the eye for simple yellow light. However, it must not be considered that red light and green light compound in a certain proportion to produce yellow light, or yellow light is composed of red light and green light.
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