LED Light Strip


When the LED light strip is installed, the lamp strip length and the installation bit are inconsistent, and the problem of cropping or stitching is often encountered.

If the low voltage LED light strip is used, it is generally cropped in accordance with the length of the unit, depending on the voltage and the number of beads per meter, the length of the LED strip is also different. Generally, there is a clear shear position mark on the FPC sheet, there is a similar scissors identifier, which can be cut from this place. Shear is necessary to pay attention to the position accurate, otherwise it is possible to damage the lamp lines, causing the unit lamp beads to fail. Generally, a 12V 60 lamp beads per meter of low voltage LED light strips are 3 beads, which is generally 5 cm per period.

If you use a high-voltage LED light strip, it is generally 0.5 meters, 1 meter, scissors, even 2 meters, hierarchical lamp with epidermis or light board, and must not be cut without marking, it will result in Lightband unit fault.

When the LED light strip is spliced, it is generally paying attention to the connector of the splinter, and the waterproof problem at the interface is avoided, avoiding disconnection or short circuit, burning the lights!
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