Advantages of Aluminum Shell Power Supply


At present, many power lithium battery casings on the market are aluminum battery casings. The wide application of aluminum shell power supplies also drives the development of the battery shell industry. So what are the advantages of aluminum shell power supplies, why not use steel shells, plastic shells, but aluminum shells as battery shells? Today, subcontinent battery shell manufacturers will talk about some of the advantages of battery aluminum shells:

1. Aluminum shell power supply has high specific strength, specific modulus, fracture toughness, fatigue strength and corrosion resistance stability. Because of the low-density characteristics of aluminum alloy materials, non-magnetic and stable alloys in the low temperature stage, they have less resistance to magnetic fields, good air tightness, and rapidly attenuating induced radiation. It has been widely used in aviation, aerospace, high-speed trains, and machinery manufacturing. , Transportation and chemical industry.

2. The surface treatment of the aluminum shell power supply is mainly through electrostatic spraying, and its color is also very rich. The colors are generally off-white, dark gray, black, and army green.

3. Aluminum shell power supply has the advantages of aluminum alloy, has the characteristics of light weight, durable molding and so on.

4. Aluminum shell power supply has strong plasticity, production performance is better than other profiles, and has good casting performance, which has better advantages in production.

5. The subcontinent aluminum shell power supply adopts two processes of cold and hot processing, so that the battery aluminum shell has strong corrosion resistance. This makes aluminized batteries safer.

6. The shell also has good ductility, making it a light alloy with many metal elements. Its chemical properties are stable, non-magnetic, recyclable, and it is a good recyclable metal material.
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