Advantages of Aluminum Shell Power in the field of mobile power


At this stage, most of the housings currently available for mobile charger products on the market can be divided into two categories: metallic materials and non-metallic materials. The material of the outer shell also immediately determines the touch and heat dissipation performance, which can improve the overall competitiveness of the product. Although the net weight of the plastic shell is lighter, it is more portable. However, the aluminum alloy shell is taller and higher-grade than the plastic shell, with metallic luster, light weight and strong ductility. In terms of robustness, the metal shell is undoubtedly better. In the case of falling, rolling, extrusion and other external forces, the metal shell is relatively stable. The aluminum alloy shell also has a strong advantage, that is, it is easy to remove heat. Why do mobile charger manufacturers choose aluminum alloy casings?

1. The relative density of the aluminum alloy shell is very small, and the production and manufacture of the utensils are easy and light. It can be used as the upper shell of the mobile phone and the shell of the mobile power supply. And don't wear and corrosion resistant. The surface layer of the aluminum profile shell is very easy to produce, and a layer of high-density aluminum oxide plastic film prevents culturing.

2. High strength Aluminum and aluminum alloy have high strength. After a certain level of cold drawing can strengthen the conventional strength, some trademark logo aluminum alloys can also undergo quenching and tempering treatment to strengthen the solution.

3, the relative density of aluminum and aluminum alloy is close to 2.7g/, about 1/3 of iron or copper.

4. The aluminum alloy shell has no taste and can meet my country's health indicators. The aluminum profile shell has a high degree of color and is easy to color. The easy-open lid made of aluminum profile has better opening performance than the easy-open lid made of tin plate. In addition, the packaging made of aluminum profile shell has excellent reflection surface performance and transmission performance to light and heat, which can improve the actual effect of heating and sterilizing food fruit cans and ultra-low temperature solutions, and is relatively safe.

5. Aluminum alloy shell for gift box depends on exquisite appearance, good ductility, and poor ventilation effect and impermeability in the production of aluminum plastic film. It can freeze food at ultra-low temperature, and aluminum platinum can also improve plastic-steel composite bags. Strength of. The aluminum profile shell can carry out the second acquisition, environmental protection and energy saving.

The external cause that harms the temperature of the mobile charger's casing is its casing, because metal materials and non-metallic materials have different heat transfer properties. The higher the efficiency during the whole conversion process, the less electromagnetic energy loss and the greater the heat generation. It can be used for longer-term battery charging for digital products. Therefore, the choice of aluminum alloy casing can handle the heat dissipation of the casing very well.

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