The IP grade of the light strip


LED strip products can generally be divided into several grades according to their dustproof and waterproof grades. It can be expressed by IP value, and the full name of IP is Ingress Protection.
IP grade refers to the protection grade of electrical equipment against foreign body invasion.The source is IEC standard IEC EN 60529.

1.Light strip with bare board, waterproof, protection grade IP20.

2.The waterproof led strip with glue dripping on the surface and the extrusion of half a package of solid silica gel are realized, and the protection level is IP54, which is also called IP65 by some people in the market.

3.Waterproof lamp strip of casing and extrusion of all-inclusive hollow silica gel are realized,and the protection grade is IP66, which is also called IP67 by some people in the market.
4.Waterproof lamp band filled with glue for casing and extrusion of all-inclusive solid silica gel are realized. 
The protection level is IP67, and some people in the market call it IP68.
5.Various kinds of two-color extrusion and three-color extrusion silicone extrusion waterproof lamps with flexible line lamps are also derived from the above waterproof.

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